Game Rules

Game Rules

These "house" rules will be used for this campaign.  While many are actually the rules found in the core rule book, they are quite different than missions style play many players are used to. 


  • Lifestyle – Each run will take place 2 in game weeks apart, meaning that every 2nd run you complete, you will owe lifestyle costs forward for that month (and the next 2 runs).  


  • Downtime – Between each run, each character will have 10 days available for downtime activities (the other 4 being spent on the run).  Healing wounds may eat into your downtime.


  • Edge – To recover edge, you can spend a day of downtime resting and kicking back, allowing you to recover a point of edge per day spent chillaxing.  


  • Networking – Looking for equipment (or having a contact look for equipment) also takes a day per item (similar, bundled items can be sought after on the same day, like guns and the ammo for them).


  • Contacts - Contacts are prime runner NPC's, as per core.  They are to be statted out using karma gen with 700 karma.  Only one month of lifestyle needs to be purchase, as they will sustain that lifestyle after the fact.  Their connection adds as a limit bonus to their networking and legwork tests.  They will need any gear that would be considered a "major purchase."  If its less than 1k nuyen, don't worry about listing it.  More concerned with big ticket items and cyber ware.


Game Rules

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