Royal Thai Police (RTP)

The Royal Thai Police are the only law enforcement outside of corporate controlled land in Bangkok.  The force is often considered another branch of the armed services, as opposed to an actual police force, as they are trained in the same way the army and marines are and many of their senior officers attended military academies.

The police force is rather destitute when it comes to equipment, and most officers carry their own personal arms and armor.  Standard low quality armor exists for poorer cops.  If more pressing response is needed however, standard issue assault weaponry is available to the entire force.  They are well trained but low on discipline.

Sakura Security has held the contract to train the RTP for the last 6 years.

Corruption is staggeringly high.  Most lower ranking cops are almost forced to take bribes to supplement their meager salaries, and in any larger scale engagement will not hesitate to use lethal force as it means less work for their superiors and more promotions for them.  This corruption is aided by a small and relatively entrenched senior police force that is filled with political appointees and family friends who never fear repercussions.  Combine this with general the general attitude of acceptance from centuries of Bhudism and the corruption seems like to will stay the course.  

The real danger will be in finding out which officers are on which corporate black payroll.

Royal Thai Police (RTP)

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