krathon thong phra rong - กระโถนท้องพระโรง

<This run was completed successfully, these are the GM notes for posterity>



The players are contacted by Prid Khadpo, *ptr's fixer about a real shadowrun that has been passed up by other more capable teams in the area.  That isn't to say the mission isn't dangerous, or easy, just that its… suitable.

Asia Online (subsidiary of Spinrad) is hosting an esport tournament to commemorate the launch of Mystic Legends: Omega Assault, Alpha Protocol (MLOAAP), one of the most watched and globally competitive games in Asia (too much grind for westerners).  There are 8 world class teams playing in the tournament, and the purse is set to be 1.5 million nuyen to the winning team.  

However, far more valuable than the purse, is the prestige and marketing value of the teams sponsors.  Renraku, Wuxing, MCT, Universal Omnitech, Seretech, and Coca-Cola all have licensed specialty gaming links, complete with all the accessories and swag a professional gamer team would need.

Universal Omnitech has bigger plans.  They are set to release "Azlatan Knights, Mystery and Magic" and are trying to break into the competitive gaming scene.  To do this they want to no only discredit the validity of MLOAAP as an esport, but also draw the biggest teams to their new franchise.  They have also just released a novahot gaming link called the "Fraggle Rocker XIX," and sales really need to pick up.

To do this, the Universal Omnitech want the favored team to fail so their number 2 seeded team can win, showing off the superiority of their team and the gaming link.  When that team then jumps ship to AKMM they hope to drag a large fan and player base alone with significant market shares to the new game.

To accomplish this, Universal Omnitech has developed a firmware update that can be installed onto the Korean "Beong Gae (lightning) 7" that the Samyung team is using.  

The machines that each of the 8 teams are using are being kept in a secure facility (in full view) and offline.  Sneaking into the "crystal cage" in the middle of the area before the game is possible, but unlikely.

It would be much easier to have the number 1 team (CheonSa) install the firmware on their own machines right prior to the match.  TO do that would require either convincing the team leader that this was actually in their best interest, or to be straight with the team leader and get him to take a dive.

The problem with the Angles taking a dive though, is that the Samyung exec that is responsible for managing the team and the game, also happens to have contacts with the Seventh Red Star Ring.  If the PC's can somehow frame the Local Ring Leader for the team taking a dive, then their families and livelihoods back in Korea would be safe.

Absolutely no fallout can come back onto the Johnson, and anythign that damages the reputation of esports in general is going to look bad.


krathon thong phra rong - กระโถนท้องพระโรง

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